COaltSO | Alternative Solution Origin

Any method originates from popular stories !

Read the Corporate Alternative Solution Story ! You will be mesmerized by its teachings and you'll be able to visualize our method which is at first sight seems to be impossible to be resolved !

COaltSO | Services

Our team, at COaltSO brand, provide business services in the domain of interest - professional consultancies. Our task is to find the hidden Corporate Alternative Solution among the many visible solutions. All our work revolves around the idea that the new perspective given by the only alternative and viable solution for almost any business problem which seems to be unresolvable is concealed inside the problem. Hence, we apply our original COaltSO method to your business problem !
The result emerge in the Solution beyond Solutions !


Business services at COaltSO are delivered to other business customers. A layered business management service approach is delivered, by our team capable to handle bridge operations in order to optimize your business services. We make optimization for existing business, either in virtual or real media, as well as for new projects which require alternative solutions to be implemented.



Management close surveillance services applied to your business in order to consolidate your performance, by implementing a systems management from bottom to the executive level. A new alternative solution in management at a corporate level cannot be found in the presence of the traditional way of thinking. For these new approaches we have to change our way of handling ideas.



All crisis stages we at COaltSO take under our surveillance in order to deliver you the best currently alternative solution within all solutions. We are able to improve your management performance by reviewing your application performance not just at the corporate level but also in relation with your customers and in balance with your company history previous applied other solutions.



Environmental requirements impose, planning or just impact studies services. We, are prepared at COaltSO to deliver all these to your business. Our team will convert your data into scenarios; under this operational intelligence stage we will elaborate a set of multiple applicable and viable solutions, to your problem, in order to find the best alternative environmental solution to your particular needs.



Social problems or social projects as well as the management of the employees or the network reorganization on a corporate level can create a daunting task, when no solution is looming. Within these problems in case which impose implementation of automation software or storage management, we at COaltSO are prepared to identify and deliver you the best alternative solution.



Local, regional and international monitoring services, related to all your business nodes, we provide at COaltSO in order to deliver you an interconnected management network within all departments of your company. We provide also assistance in delivering you the best alternative solution; in respect to the local, regional including national traditions and almost any business area occurrences.

COaltSO | Consultancy stages

A. Launch a consultancy service by communicating with us:

Order an initial CONSULTANCY service from us. This step will allow you to enter in dialogue with us by presenting your project as a box with your problem. As result of your initial payment, you will receive from us a set of questions meant to make us understand your needs, your problem environment, the pressing problems and your previous attempts used to solve the problem. Communicate with us by email and by phone in order to help us to collect all your data related to your project. Thus, we may develop your project by taking into account all variables. As a result of our dialogue you will be informed about the total cost of your particular project. You will have to deliver us through email the - Launch the Order - content. Till the moment of receiving it, your initial payment is total refundable.

B. Weighing alternatives:

Weighing alternatives will be our next task which will not require your direct assistance. However, you will be informed timely regarding all our proposed solutions no matter how unorthodox they may be. All of them will be used to the selecting process which will be made on compromise terms.

C. Selecting the Alternative Solutions:

Selecting the Alternative Solutions from the set of all identified solutions will be our call which will become your solving formula. There is not such a thing like perfect solution, but there is solution among others which may maximize needing as well it may minimize it. Thinking outside the box may seem easy, but ideation, intuition and selection stages cannot deliver themselves the Solution in the absence of the ability to forget what you learned.

COaltSO | About us

We provide the COaltSO - Corporate Alternative Solution method for your business problem !

COaltSO Team

We provide Corporate Alternative Solutions using the COaltSO method for individuals, small and large businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, environmental and governmental projects and institutions.
We not just sell our services for those who are in need; we offer you a whole package containing the best solution for your problems which will supply completely your needs and expectation.
Our team is qualified, prepared and trained to deal with almost any complex business problem in order to be able to provide you a community-based solution as a: - Solution beyond Solutions ! - We, the COaltSO team believe strongly in the unorthodox approach to any problem born within our daily business activity, whether is born in management, administration, rebranding, retooling, expansion or marketing. At the foundation of our method named the Corporate Alternative Solution - COaltSO, stand a physical explanation with respect to any occurred problem, discovered by the founder of our community philosophy, Dr. Ovidiu Borchin with Ph.D. in theoretical physics. Briefly said it states that the solution for almost ANY business problem always lies inside the question, inside the problem. All you have to do is just to recognize it.
Therefore, the method is focused in finding the solution beyond all solutions. Despite the fact that it tremendously simple at a first glim it requires a close collaboration between all team members. From this perspective it is very similar with a brainstorming team activity. However, the COaltSO team require a leader with scientific know-how, expertise in education and proficient in psychological analysis, in order to channel the team work into the narrow crevasse of the only feasible solution. We are proud of our operation and we shall do our best to offer you a particular way – solution, which will make you forget your investment in our service !

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COaltSO | Prices

Our prices are crafted based on our client’s needs. Derived from your problem time-frame we have three distinct major plans for our services starting from those proactive ones, followed by those active and finishing with those who are already retroactive for whom minimizing the damage become essential. Inside these plans you will find another prioritization stages designed to supply your particular needs. We hope that you will find inside our offer the perfect service package meant to resolve your problem.
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consultancy service

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COaltSO | Contact us

Feel free to use the COaltSO contact form ! You can send us questions or concerns, suggestions or even observation and why not even comments related to the services palette we offer. Please use a valid email address to get a prompt response. By contacting us, we assume that you have read and agree to the all Legal terms posted in the footer of the main domain. We will endeavor to respond in due course. Thank you for your time !